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Our Partners

For talented but underprivileged Filipinos, we collaborate with our local partners (AMG, ASHTEC, CCT) by providing training and education, and decent job placement.

Center for Community Transformation (CCT)

CCT Group believes that development is transformation. Transformation starts in the heart, and only God can truly change one’s heart. With its journey of change for its target sectors, each CCT ministry becomes God’s instrument in transforming the lives of the Filipino poor – one person at a time, influencing their families and communities and eventually transforming the nation.

Ang Mananampalatayang Gumagawa, Inc. (AMG Philippines)

Transformed and empowered Filipinos in a needy world
Ang Mananampalatayang Gumagawa Inc. (AMG) is an established, self-governing Christian mission organization that develops and equips needy children, youth, adults, families, and communities through holistic Christ-centered programs so that they will be God-fearing, dignified, self-reliant and advancing the ministries of the gospel. Its roots came from the passion of its founders – AMG International which was established in 1940 and reached our shores by 1974. By 1999, AMG International is already present in more than 50 countries. AMG Philippines have worked mostly among abandoned, neglected, and orphaned children; and children in indigenous communities. Their programs and services include advocacy and awareness, feeding and residential programs, community development, education and discipleship training, child sponsorship, and early childhood care and development.

AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC)

Innovative environment for different learners
AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC) is a Christian Institution with an innovative teaching-learning environment that caters to different learners. It was established in 1995 and the school’s mission dwells on holistically equipping the learners with Christ-centered programs so that they will be God-fearing, self-sustaining, and will exhibit distinctiveness to others. The talents of the students are introduced not only to its local partners but to its associates overseas as well. The preparation of the training engages the collaboration of competent teaching staff with well-run equipment. Students are geared up once they are initiated in the workplace.

CCT Working Hands Ministry, Inc.

Christian values for the employable poor
CCT Working Hands Ministry Inc. provides a holistic approach to transforming the lives of the employable poor by providing skills training along with Christian values. These modules serve as the “lock” that would enable them to succeed in finding and keeping their jobs. And for some workers who already have the right amount of soft skills, once they learn the required hard skills they can embark on a journey to become entrepreneurs themselves. CCT Working Hands also serves as a link for other CCT organizations to provide additional benefits and other social services to these employees. Center for Community Transformation is in the forefront of transforming Filipino lives for 30 years.