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Data Privacy Notice

Who we are?

Right Jobs Philippines Inc. (“We”, “Us”, “Right Jobs”) is a talent and placement company duly established under the laws of the Philippines. We perform job placement activities for local employment through contracting, enlisting, and recruitment of professionals and skilled workers and matching them with employers looking for hires.

We offer our services through our official website, Right Job Board, which works as a job portal and job board where both employers and job applicants can post or search job advertisements.

Our Commitment

Right Jobs acknowledges that you have freely provided us with your personal data, and we understand that processing them in accordance with your intentions is crucial. As a provider of online service, we undertake to secure your personal data and respect your data privacy by complying with data privacy laws and regulations such as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and other laws applicable to your locality (collectively referred to as “Data Privacy Laws”).

This privacy Notice

This notice describes how we collect, handle, and protect your personal data as we render our services. The following terms are used in the same context as they are found in the Data Privacy Laws:

    1. Personal Data pertains to all kinds of information – personal, sensitive personal, and even privileged or confidential information.
    2. Personal Information is information or a set of information that makes an individual identifiable.
    3. Sensitive Personal Information is any information about an individual’s race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, color, religion, philosophical or political affiliations; individual’s health or education; individual’s criminal, civil, or administrative proceeding; unique government-issued identifiers; and those established by law as confidential.
    4. Processing of Personal Data refers to any operation or any set of operations performed upon personal data including collection, use, storage, disclosure, or disposal.


We process your personal data to be able to provide you with our online services based on our user’s Terms of Service, the existence of legitimate business interest, or our need to comply with legal obligations or as required by existing laws and regulations.

Mainly, we process your personal data based on your consent. In this regard, as long as permitted, you may withdraw your consent at any time by sending your request to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) with the contact details provided below.


Depending on the service you availed through our website, we may collect the following personal data: [1] contact information, [2] educational information, [3] employment history, [3] your responses to our marketing communications and customer inquiry form on our website, and [4] other business information based on our interactions with you.

As an applicant, we may collect the following:

    1. personal details such as name, photo, and contact details (such as your email address, telephone, mobile phone number, address, and the like) ;
    2. sensitive personal information such as gender, age, date of birth, and religion or church affiliation;
    3. educational record, academic qualifications, and technical or professional licenses;
    4. employment details such as work history, work experiences, skills, and technical
    5. user account details, user credentials, browser used, session cookies to track your preferences, access time, dates and location, time spent on the platform, searches made, and transactions.
    6. social media account information and profile links;
    7. other personal data recorded in the resumes/curriculum vitae you submit to us; and
    8. other personal data may be collected as you interact and use our website.

As an employer, we may collect the following:

    1. personal information of employer’s representative such as name, contact details (such as your email address, telephone, mobile phone number, address, company logo job description, job qualification, and the like; and
    2. employment offerings such as salary offers, benefits provided and incentives, and work schedule.

Data Source

The personal data collected are used to provide you with the necessary services through our Right Jobs Board, such as:

As an applicant, we may collect the following:

1. For use and availing of our services:

a. To verify your information and identity.
b. To assess your employability, credentials, and qualification based on the personal data you provided to us. The assessment shall be conducted through Job Matching – an automated analytical tool using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the help of Right Jobs consultant. Based on your profile and supporting documents, this tool with the help of our Recruitment consultants will conduct an assessment and will match your qualifications with the requirements as posted by the employers.
c. To contact you with respect to Right Jobs Board Services.
d. To facilitate your connection to clients/employers by supplying and accessing your information to our partners.
e. To offer placement opportunities for you or for tailoring specific services to you.
f. To verify and validate your academic and professional qualifications by contacting your school, college, university, institution, and/or professional qualifying bodies.
g. To facilitate your service orders through the Right Jobs Board Services.
h. To market your profile for your employability and for employment place.
i. To investigate and resolve any of your service and billing queries, complaints, or other concerns that you submit regarding our services.
j. To connect you with the employer through the Talent to Cart solution.

2. For analytical, technical, and business assessment and development:

a. To monitor and improve and maintain the performance of the Right Jobs Board services and website.
b. To gain an understanding of your information to enhance and customize the Right Jobs Board services.
c. To conduct research and development and statistical analysis in connection with the Right Jobs Board services to develop relevant services based on our client needs.
d. To assist us understand your browsing and connection preferences on the website so that we can tailor its content as required and necessary.
e. To detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

3. For marketing initiatives:

a. To communicate with you regarding our services, promotions, products and offers we think you may find useful or which you have requested from us.
b. To provide you with the marketing materials from third parties which we think may interest you.

4. For legal purposes:

a. To process any complaints, to investigate acts, omissions, or misconduct that would constitute a violation of our Terms of Services or any of the Data Privacy Laws.
b. To gather the necessary information required by law, record keeping, or good business practices.
c. To comply with regulatory requirements or legal and contractual obligations.
d. To protect lawful rights and interests in court proceedings and to establish, exercise, or as a defense from legal claims in court.

Data Retention

Your personal data are retained only for a period necessary for us to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, such as to execute the terms and conditions of our Terms of Service or to fulfill legitimate business interests. In case applicable, we will only retain your data for as long as required by applicable laws, rules, or regulations.

Upon the end of the retention period or when you withdraw your consent (as applicable), we will securely destroy your personal data by shredding the physical records and deletion of electronic data or any other secure disposal methods allowed by relevant regulations.

In cases needed for data analytics, research, historical and statistical analysis, and management reporting, we will anonymize your personal data so that you will no longer be identifiable.

Data Storage

Electronic records are securely stored in Right Jobs Board’s cloud storage facility through a third-party cloud provider.

Data security Measures

Right Job ensures that appropriate and necessary physical, technical, and organizational security measures are in place to protect your personal data from any unauthorized, unlawful, or accidental alteration, loss, destruction, access, use, or disclosure. These measures include:

1. Use of tools, equipment, devices, features, and facilities that provide adequate data protection;
2. Formulation and implementation of data privacy and protection policies;
3. Regular monitoring of security incidents and implementation of appropriate preventive, corrective, and mitigating actions; and
4. Ensuring that our employees, agents, vendors, and anyone who is involved in the processing of your personal data shall operate and hold them under strict confidentiality and shall respect and value your data privacy.

Privacy Risks

Despite the existence of even the best security features, data privacy, and security risks cannot be totally avoided. While we try to keep your data secure, there are external factors that may compromise it, please help us protect your personal data and take note of the following:

1. As you use our services through our Right Job Board, there may be times that you may come across links that will direct you to other websites. Unless we own, operate, and/or manage these other websites we cannot and do not take responsibility for how they collect, use, process, store, or protect the data you provide.
2. We encourage you to be extra cautious with your personal data. Please protect your account credentials, such as username and password, and keep this information confidential at all times. Use strong passwords that cannot be easily predicted.
3. Please be wary of phishing emails, avoid clicking links, and do not provide your personal data to unverified persons.
4. If you believe that there has been a breach of your Personal Data that we process, please contact us at connect@rightjobs.com.ph.
5. Learn more about data privacy by visiting NPC’s website at www.privacy.gov.ph.

Data Sharing

We may disclose and share your personal data to the following:

1. To our third-party service providers as needed to facilitate their services or their data processing on our behalf and only upon our instructions.
2. To the other users of the Right Jobs Board such as the applicants, employers and partners, and their representatives, to facilitate the job placement activities in accordance with our Terms of Service. In such a case, we will only share your personal data when you give your consent. The transfer will be done through our platform and in accordance with applicable Data Privacy Laws.
3. To government or law enforcement authorities, private entities, or other third parties as we may be required by law, regulation, or contract, if we believe your actions are inconsistent with our Terms of Service and policies, or if we believe there is a need to protect the rights, property, or safety of Right Jobs.
4. To another organization to facilitate corporate reorganizations, mergers and/or consolidations, or other legitimate business transactions where a counter-party requests for Personal Data.

Your Data Rights

As the individual whose data we process, you have these rights:

1. Right to be informed how we will collect, use, store, share and dispose of your personal data prior to collection.
2. Right to object or withhold your consent to the processing of your personal data.
3. Right to access and know the activities we conduct on your personal data.
4. Right to rectify, modify or correct your personal data when the same is inaccurate, outdated, false, or incomplete.
5. Right to erasure or blocking where you can suspend, withdraw, or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal information from our filing system.
6. Right to data portability or your right to obtain and electronically move, copy, or transfer your personal data we store.
7. Right to file a complaint for damages due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, or unauthorized use of your personal data.

Exercise Your Rights

If you want to exercise your rights, if you have privacy concerns or queries, if you have complaints related to the processing of your personal data, or if you believe that your rights have been violated, please send a written request via e-mail to our Data Protection Officer:

Data Protection Officer
5th Floor Echelon Tower, 2100 A. Mabini Street, Malate, Manila.
(+63) 916-891-3498


To stay true to our commitment to always be transparent with our data processing activities, we always make sure that this Privacy Notice is kept up to date. Every now and then, we will revise or amend this Privacy Notice to reflect changes in our processing activities. Any such modifications will be posted on this website and shall be effective immediately upon posting.

Privacy Notice Version 1.0
Effectivity Date: May 19, 2023