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Freedom Plan


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  • 5 Job Postings. Employers can post up to five (5) job vacancies on the platform for 45 days, after which the postings can be renewed.
  • Resume Retrieval. Employers can retrieve up to twenty (20) resumes of qualified candidates who have applied to their job postings, which can help them identify the most promising candidates for their open positions.
  • 3 Featured Jobs. Employers can choose to feature up to three (3) of their job postings to increase their visibility on the platform. This can include an “urgent hiring” note to help attract more qualified candidates.
  • Company Logo Inclusion. Employers can include their company logo in their job postings, which can help to boost brand recognition and attract more qualified candidates.
  • Data Analytics. Right Jobs provides employers with data analytics to help them track the success of their job postings. This includes information on how many job seekers applied, declined, or are still pending, which can help employers refine their recruitment strategies and make data-driven decisions.